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Friday, January 19, 2007

On Pickpockets

So I've been robbed, hoodwinked, pickpocketed. Where? Yesterday, on metro A. I was doing everything right too. I had my wallet in my front pocket where I had been instructed to keep it and still, it was not safe. Here's my theory on why it's no longer in my hands. So I have this weekly metro pass right? Well, not anymore, but I had it. Normally, as you might have read in my previous post, the Italian A.T.A.C. controllers never check for your ticket, but this time, there was a guy asking for it right before the escalator which leads down to the platform. I was keeping it safe in my wallet and when I took it out to show the metro worker, I am almost positive now that someone saw me return my wallet to my front pocket. When I went to board the metro, it was packed and Hannah (another student on the program) and I could barely get on. Now I also had my digital and manual SLR cameras, my laptop and my backpack with me and was accutely aware of any suspicious movement around me given the things I was carrying. Nevertheless, when I routinely patted my front pocket one metro stop later, it was gone. I felt nothing! I have heard that the thieves will even use razorblades to slice your bags and clothing and slip out your valuables. Anyway, the good news is that I only lost some money and my credit cards, which were easily cancelled. Given that this happens to most Romans at least 3 times in their lives, I can't get too down on myself about it. That's all for now. . .
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